Monday, October 31, 2011

Kelly + Gavin :: Lifestyle

Heather and I met Kelly and Gavin at the RIT campus for a fun afternoon lifestyle shoot!
I finally had a saturday without a wedding, and we had some great fall weather.

This awesome couple met at RIT in undergrad and have just recently moved back to the area, so what better place to get some photos of them :)

So glad you guys contacted mitch'studio!
It was a pleasure working with you both.

more photos from the shoot can be seen here too.

Rachel :: Senior 2012

Heather and I met up with Rachel and her parents last month out in Holley NY to take some
senior photos!
It was our first time at Holley Falls, but it took us no time to find some great spots to shoot.
Rachel was a total natural, and was willing to try anything we suggested. 
Well, everything but getting in the waterfall itself :) 

So I've finally gotten the chance to get a few of these puppies posted:


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lisa + Mike :: married

So Heather and I road tripped out to Orchard Park this weekend, and not for the Buffalo Bills victory :)
But to photograph Lisa and Mike's nuptuals!  And man, what a weekend for an autumn wedding.

These guys decided to see each other before the ceremony, and do some photos prior to heading to La Galleria.
And what a great idea that turned out to be!

Here is the couple at the bride's house, shortly after they first saw each other:

Then we headed to Yates Park, and Green Lake.
Here are just the men, amongst some great foliage:

And the women:

Then the whole group in the road, wide angle style:

So glad we could get them out on this bridge:

He cracked me up, stepping out into the aisle durring the ceremony:
The gazebo at La Galleria was great, and the guests were covered by a custom tent too.

And we took some more group photos after the ceremony at La Galleria:

Eric, from Expression Weddings did a great job as M.C. and really kept the dancefloor bumpin :)

More photos from their special day can be seen here too.

Ashley + Keith :: Married

Heather and I were looking forward to shooting this wedding for so long!
We shot their engagement photos back in July and had so much :)

And their wedding did not dissapoint!  What a great group..
Showcase Sound spun the records, and Burgundy Basin provided the
venue for the ceremony and the reception.
It's too bad that the weather didn't cooperate with the outdoor plans, but
everyone managed to have a blast inside.

Congrats you two!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Michael + Michelle :: Married

I had the pleasure of photographing this wedding at Golden Ponds.
It was a short day for me, as most of my weddings lately have been full days, with a second shooter.
But this couple was so in love, even with limited time, it was a breeze to still walk away with some great shots of them.
Joelle of "A Personal Touch - Event Planning" was the evening's DJ.

The two said their vows in an intimate gazebo:

Here is the whole wedding party in front of the gazebo:

What a great lookin' couple :)

Congrats Michelle and Michael! 
I can't wait to give you guys the rest of your photos :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Brian + Christina :: married

An Irish themed wedding!

Being Irish myself, I was quite pleased with this particular event. 
It added a touch of a cultural twist into a traditional event, and leaves me smiling just thinking about it!
From the vows & prayers to the meal choices and other details, the whole day had a nice hint of Irish undertones.
And it really became obvious when the couple came out for their first dance!  They performed an awesome dance, and it was followed up by the bridal party's own Irish dance.
Beautiful Irish music filled the air, as The Definitive Disc Jockey played some quality tunes.

The ceremony was held at the Parma Baptist Church and the reception took place at The Rochester Club Ballroom.

Here's a jump shot of the awesome bridal party:

I've mentioned that I love all the little details, haven't I? :)

We had time before the reception to swing by Braddock Bay Park for a few shots:

Congrats Christina & Brian, you guys are such a cute couple! :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

John + Emily :: Married

Congrats Emily and John!

Though the weather report kept calling for rainy skies, we were lucky enough to avoid it until after dinner!
After quickly going through the photos, here are a few of my favorites that stood out to me :)

The ceremony was held at the beautiful First Presbyterian Church of Pittsford.
And the reception took place at the Sunnyside Lodge at Black Creek park.


More of my fav's from this wedding can be seen over in the gallery here.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ryan + Sarah :: married

Congrats Sarah & Ryan!
Everyone braved the scorching sun and came out to enjoy a wonderful outdoor ceremony!
Though it was crazy hot, it was a truly gorgeous day.
Their ceremony took place at the Lilac Arches in Highland Park, here in the Roc.
And the wedding colors match the atmosphere perfectly!

And the reception was a great celebration too.  It was held at the awesome German House just around the corner in the southwedge.
No the interior doesn't look anything like the photos on the website, not sure what that is about??

I had to convert something to b&w, and the colors were so well coordinated that all the other photos here were just crying to be left full color :)