Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Derek + Mary :: married

What a way for us to kick off the 2011 Wedding season :)

Congrats Mary and Derek! 

Days before, the sun was shining and the temperature was rising.  But a cold front was moving in
and some crazy March weather was coming with it.  Luckily, the day turned out to be awesome!
It was a bit brisk for the ladies, but it wasn't raining (or snowing) so everyone was in a great mood.
Of course, your mood is helped along with the vibrant energy of a beautiful young couple eager to wed :)

The ceremony was held at the RPI C+CC in Troy NY.
The reception was then held at 11 North Pearl, in Downtown Albany.
Conway Entertainment provided the DJ service and just rocked it. 

Mary's beautiful engagement ring:

His bottom lip says it all:
The interior of the chapel:

First kiss as husband and wife:
The bride's side:
The groom's side:
I loved this opportunity!  The sun was a little harsh but I'm not complaining :)
Derek had this great idea to have their names put up on the marque!

The whole wedding party, and the couple's parents:
Their cake:
The grand hall of 11 North Pearl:

You guys are such an awesome couple and Heather and I are just so happy to be your friends :)
Thanks again for having us photograph your big day for you!

For those that want to see more from this wedding: click here for some more of my fav's.

Friday, March 11, 2011

our rings

I have rented a macro lens for next week's wedding and thought it would
be appropriate to shoot some photos of our own rings tonight!
Now I'm more familiar with the lens and ready to rock it next week..

Heather's engagement ring and her custom made matching wedding band on top.
My wedding band and the watch Heather gave me on the bottom.

I think I like this lens :)