wedding rates

I’ve put together a few basic packages.  These packages are based on what most couples have asked me for in the past.  In the end though, these are really just starting points as I can build a customized quote based on your own requirements if you’d like, so feel free to give me a shout!

My reasonably priced extras can always be added (and at anytime), allowing you as much flexibility as possible.  Prices are subject to change anytime, but are locked in once you book your date!

All base packages come with:   -Photography by Mitch McAllister
                                                  -Password Protected online gallery
                                                  -A disk with the high-resolution images, along with print privileges

Weeknight Package- $1000 (local only)
3-4 hrs coverage, 1 venue
200-300 images on disk
10% coupon for print products from the online gallery

Half-day Package- $1250
up to 5 hrs coverage, 1-2 venues
300-400 images on disk
10% coupon for print products from the online gallery

Full-day Package- $1800
All day coverage (up to 8hrs.) @ unlimited venues
600-800 images on disk
20% coupon for print products from the online gallery

Additional time - $250/hr
Second shooter - $350 half-day/ $550 full-day
Prints – see my product price list
Books/Albums – contact me for my album guide!

Other Sessions
See our other rates page.

How long until we get our images?
I like to put a few sneak-peeks up ASAP!  I try to get these on my blog so they are up by the time you get back from the honeymoon.  The disk usually takes about 4 weeks or so to get done, as does the online gallery.  Also, the number of images is very approximate.

If I have a disk with all of the images, what is the gallery for?
In addition to the disk, I’ll put my fav’s up into an online gallery for you to easily share with your friends and family! Print orders can even be placed from there. I usually agree that if you just want to print some 4x6’s, go somewhere with your disk, I can’t compete with that. But if you want large prints, go through the gallery and let my lab print them. The difference in quality is worth it. They’ll be sent to you from a good print lab; and your relatives can order their own directly, so they don’t have to go through you!
Prices for these products are here.

One shooter or two?
While I can handle groups well on my own, larger wedding parties and larger weddings really deserve two photographers.  

How far will you go?
All the way! I love to travel :)  Travel within 50 miles of Rochester is included.
Further than that? Give me a shout and I'll send you my reasonable travel prices.

What do you shoot with?
I get this a lot.  I currently use modern digital Canon equipment (dslr's) with a healthy combination of natural and artificial lighting techniques.  Here is a photo of gear Heather and I brought to a wedding back in Aug '15, if you're interested.  I own most of it, some of it is rented as needed.  I always have a backup, because even this high quality stuff can get theoretically get dropped unexpectedly.  If you want more specifics, contact me :)  I love to talk gear.  I'm constantly adding new gear to my stash, and often rent new stuff to try out!

What editing do you do?
For a wedding, I'll deliver 100s of images.  I go through each one and adjust their color balance, and make overall image adjustments for every photo I deliver.  You can also be assured that you will not recieve any photos with red-eye from me. 
This attention to the final image is why it can take a few weeks to get the disk.  I also love b&w's, so I will also include a few personally converted for you.

Who do you shoot with?
I often enlist my wonderful wife (Heather) to assist me in capturing different angles with another camera throughout the day.   I usually recommend having a second shooter for larger events, and Heather and I make quite the team, as I am sure you and your fiancé do too..  I have other photog friends that shoot with me too, as Heather isn't always available.  I have also shot with other area pros as a second shooter myself.

Why do you shoot weddings?
I practice many types of photography, from sports and portraiture to architecture and landscapes; and I shoot different types of events as well. But I find that weddings are the most rewarding photographic assignment, the wonderful energy of the events and the awesome people that are involved are what make them so satisfying. Wedding photography is a culmination of many types of photography and tests many of my different skills. And at the end of the day, there is not much that is more satisfying to me than giving a newlywed couple the images of their special day.

Can you break the day up?

My rates are based on consecutive hours, so if you want me to start at Noon and stop at 10pm, that is a 10 hour day.  If you want me for longer than the package, my rates are simply hourly thereafter.  My time doesn't stop for dinner or breaks in the action, I actually often use those times to also put up lighting, change batteries, etc. in addition to eating.  I can also always come with a custom quote for you though, just give me a shout.

What’s next? What do I do now?
Call me, email me, flag me down on the street- and let’s talk! (contact link above works good too)
Event services require a non-refundable retainer (1/3 of the total package) and a signed contract to reserve the date and lock in current prices. 

Prices subject to change, last updated 7/2019.  Tax is extra.
Location fees are not included; they are the responsibility of the client.
I reserve the copyright to all my images, to use them for marketing, etc...