Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ryan + Sarah :: married

Congrats Sarah & Ryan!
Everyone braved the scorching sun and came out to enjoy a wonderful outdoor ceremony!
Though it was crazy hot, it was a truly gorgeous day.
Their ceremony took place at the Lilac Arches in Highland Park, here in the Roc.
And the wedding colors match the atmosphere perfectly!

And the reception was a great celebration too.  It was held at the awesome German House just around the corner in the southwedge.
No the interior doesn't look anything like the photos on the website, not sure what that is about??

I had to convert something to b&w, and the colors were so well coordinated that all the other photos here were just crying to be left full color :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Roc Star Headshots!

I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot the local travel team's headshots the last couple of weeks. I always enjoy doing these as there are just so many awesome people involved with roller derby and I try to catch their individual charectors in their photos. And that my friends, is no easy feat as these girls have way more charector than can be capture in one still imamge! :) But I'll keep trying, as long as they keep asking me to :)

For these I went with a black on black style, trying to make the photos more punk rock, since after all they are the RocStars!

Here are just a sampling of the final images. More can be found over on mitchsgallery.com

More info on the Roc City Roller Derby league can be found at their website: rocderby.com
Hope to see you at their next bout!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ashley + Keith :: Engaged

Ashley and Keith drove up from their home in New Jersey this holiday weekend, and lucky for me they were
able to make some time for an e-shoot while they were here!  To top it off, the weather cooperated too :)

We met at Badgerow park, with their new puppy Emma for a few shots.
Then headed down to Ontario Beach Park for some more fun photography on the beach!

I love dogs!  And what a cute family :)

Then to the pier!

I couldn't resist going black and white with this one:

Ashley had this great idea, and I loved how it turned out!


Along with the sunset, we had a 'sun dog'!

A great way to end the evening on the beach.