Thursday, August 25, 2011

Brian + Christina :: married

An Irish themed wedding!

Being Irish myself, I was quite pleased with this particular event. 
It added a touch of a cultural twist into a traditional event, and leaves me smiling just thinking about it!
From the vows & prayers to the meal choices and other details, the whole day had a nice hint of Irish undertones.
And it really became obvious when the couple came out for their first dance!  They performed an awesome dance, and it was followed up by the bridal party's own Irish dance.
Beautiful Irish music filled the air, as The Definitive Disc Jockey played some quality tunes.

The ceremony was held at the Parma Baptist Church and the reception took place at The Rochester Club Ballroom.

Here's a jump shot of the awesome bridal party:

I've mentioned that I love all the little details, haven't I? :)

We had time before the reception to swing by Braddock Bay Park for a few shots:

Congrats Christina & Brian, you guys are such a cute couple! :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

John + Emily :: Married

Congrats Emily and John!

Though the weather report kept calling for rainy skies, we were lucky enough to avoid it until after dinner!
After quickly going through the photos, here are a few of my favorites that stood out to me :)

The ceremony was held at the beautiful First Presbyterian Church of Pittsford.
And the reception took place at the Sunnyside Lodge at Black Creek park.


More of my fav's from this wedding can be seen over in the gallery here.