A little about ME- Mitch McAllister of mitch'studio

I love telling stories. Almost as much as I enjoy making them, almost. 
Both can happen around a good campfire though.

I love to dance in my chair while I’m working/rocking out. It’s how I roll.
My wife loves me for it, though she won’t admit it.

I don’t like to run if I don’t have to. That’s why I like volleyball, it’s a small court,
I’m quick for 15 feet.
I love to hike, but hate bugs (not as much as Heather though).
And I’m apparently terribly allergic to poison ivy, but that certainly doesn’t stop me.

When I was a kid- as soon as I’d finish designing & building a lego structure, I’d tear it apart
and start figuring out how to build the next one. That’s still my M.O. with legos,
maybe that's why I became an architect.

I’m based out of Spencerport NY 

But my passport is current, and always itching to be used..

So...maybe you’d like me to tell your story with some fun photos. or maybe you want to invite me on hike?
Just don’t call me because you want me to hit for your vball team tonight, my shoulders can't handle that any more! :)

Call/text me:  (585) 201-8390

Email me: mitchsgallery@gmail.com

Or hit the contact button, it works too.