Thursday, February 20, 2014

Carly + Ron :: Married

This ceremony and reception were all held at Casa Larga, on the hill overlooking the city of Rochester.  Though this was the first wedding I had been to there, I am not a stranger of this venue.  I've been a guest to many other events there and it really is a great place! 

Carly and Ron are an awesome couple, and I was honored to be photographing a part of their special day.  I love it when I can work with people of such great character.  It's even better when the weather turns out nice!

And it's the cherry on top when the bridal party is as fun as the couple :)
It's too bad the vineyard wasn't all that attractive during this part of the year,
but I think we made do :)

I put a few more of my personal favorites from this early spring wedding
over in mitch'sgallery here too.


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